“Invisible Nonsense” is a short film launched in support of the Movember campaign.

Boidu Sayeh, Harry McNulty and others share negative thoughts that they have kept invisible.

Globally, one man dies from suicide every minute. That is over half a million fathers, partners, brothers and friends each year. To combat this, Packed.Studio (the creative arm of Packed.House) created ‘Invisible Nonsense’, an intimate short film that focuses on helping men conquer the taboo behind self-destructive thoughts.

‘Invisible Nonsense’ tells a story of men who find themselves spiraling into negativity with over thinking thoughts about themselves that are not true but end up believing them. The film features a diverse collection of well-known Irish men including Comedian, Tony Cantwell; Radio Personality, Crossy; Content Creator, Timi Ogunyemi; Presenter, James Kavanagh; Westmeath Footballer, Boidu Sayeh and Irish Seven’s Rugby Player, Harry McNulty.

Each contributor has bravely shared a negative thought that they have kept invisible for so long that they ended up believing it. James Kavanagh speaks of his fears of being irrelevant, Boidu Sayeh shares his fear of not knowing what he is doing, Harry McNulty shares his fears of not being good enough and other contributors share similar fears that they believe but are not true. The contributors then assure viewers of all these thoughts being nonsense with the hope to reach others who may be thinking the same and pull them out of their negative thinking.

Country Manager of Movember in Ireland, Jack O’Connor said of this short film Movember campaign: “It’s been really inspiring to see the enthusiasm and positivity around this year’s Movember campaign. Given the year we’ve had there’s a greater level of awareness for the importance of the work we do. It’s amazing to have the support of Packed.House, and of all the MoBros and MoSisters in Ireland.”

For information on how you can join Movember this year, or to make a donation, be sure to head over to their website.

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