by Damian Browne


My greatest fear is rats, I can’t stand them. Oh, and lack of freedom.

My current state of mind is one of contentment.

I am happiest on the west coast of Ireland. I love being alone on a beach when the water is 10 degrees, you have been battered by the wind and the waves, after frolicking in the sea… even though I can’t swim!

My greatest achievement… I’m just going to go with the obvious… rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.

If I could add any one element of talent it would be consistency. When I look back on my rugby career inconsistency still rankles with me.

If money was no object I would be travelling. I love it. I’ve been to more than 60 countries. Any down time during my rugby career you’d find me at an airport heading off somewhere new. I want to visit every country.

If I were to give advice to a classroom of kids it would be to live courageously. I just feel like there’s not enough courage in the world. We’re all a little too fearful and we don’t see that, but on some levels fear guides our choices. I would say to them “Make brave decisions. Take risks. Follow your gut instinct.”



July 2018.


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